This short sequential graphic narrative was based on the lack of attention by the world news platforms on terrorist attacks and the loss of over 2000 lives in a single strike in a remote village in northern Nigeria, while the world's gaze was solely drawn to  the deaths in France i.e the victims of the charlie hebdo killings, and the parisian kosher store which claimed 17 lives and seemed to make the headlines almost immediately. The world was abuzz for those in france than those in Nigeria, almost emphasizing that certain lives within certain geographical regions seemed to have prominence/significance over others. Micheal Jennings of the school of Oriental and African studies in London broke things down by emphasizing that while the attacks on Paris was viewed by mainstream media as an assault on ''fundamental liberty'', and an existential attack on all of Europe, the Nigerian bloodbath was presented as ''part of an on-going history of violence between communities''Indirectly desensitsing western circles and communities to be disconnected from events that affect other parts of the world since those in the west are unaffected directly by such.

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